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Japanese Black Pine Approach Graft

Posted Mar 21, 2011 by matsubonsai

Another grafting technique Peter Tea demonstrated to the study group while he visited was approach grafting on a Japanese Black Pine.  A new apex, first, and second branch were grafted to make a much shorter tree.  More grafts were practiced by the group further up the trunk.  I'll report on the progress of this tree in another thread later this year.  More grafts will likely be needed in the future to improve the tree.

  • Peter sizes up the first graft while Tim watches
  • Aligning the first cut using a sharp saw
  • The first cut is made with the saw
  • Once the saw cut is made Peter cleans up and widens the cut with a sharp grafting knife
  • The first graft is tied in place
  • A second graft is done above the first
  • The branch is sliced a little on the top and bottom and fitted into the slot
  • Note how close the fit is

Peter mentioned that if the cut happens to be a little to big, it's more important for the bottom layers to match.  If needed, fit a peg in the top gap to ensure that the lower surfaces have mated properly.

Again, if you're going to graft, don't repot.  If you're going to repot, don't graft.

For more great information on grafting check out Bonsai Study Group Advanced Grafting section.


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