Quantcast Shohin Bonsai - Big Deal About Small Trees

Shohin Bonsai - Big Deal About Small Trees

Posted Sep 14, 2009 by matsubonsai

This past weekend was the Shohin II Bonsai Symposium in Rochester, NY.  This was another event hosted by Bill Valavanis and International Bonsai.  Other obligations prevented me from attending, but I'm looking forward to seeing reports online.

Speaking of Shohin Bonsai, the American Shohin Bonsai Association is currently seeking new members.  This relatively new organization has big plans for the future.  A new website has recently come online and more features are expected soon.  If you enjoy shohin bonsai then this is the organization for you.

What exactly is shohin bonsai?  Shohin is a size classification of trees between 2" and 8" in height.  Sometimes this requirement is extended for trees up to 10", but this is up the discretion of the judges.

Here's a quick list of size classifications.  This by no means is definitive, but could be used as a guideline for most judged exhibits.

  • Shohin 2" - 8"
  • Kifu 8" - 12"
  • Chuhin 12" - 18"
  • Ogata 18" - 48"
* Size classifications reproduced from BIB 10 program

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