Quantcast Japanese Black Pine Grafting

Japanese Black Pine Grafting

Posted Jul 6, 2008 by matsubonsai

The following tree was grafted this Spring.  The bag has been trimmed to let the emerging candle to fully extend.  More of the bag will be removed this fall.  The grafting tape will remain until the following Spring.

In February a suitable bud was selected from the apex.  Before the tree was too far out of dormancy the bud was grafted onto the back of the tree to form a new back branch.  The scion was cut into a "V" and a slice was placed into the trunk.  The bud was then securely attached to the tree.  A plastic candy bag was placed over the graft and sphagnum moss placed inside.  This helps keep the moisture level high.

Here is the tree just after the graft was attached.

The graft:

And the graft as of July 2008:

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July 28. 2008 02:00

Healthy Bonsai

Wonderful post, I really impressed with your short and sweet content on Bonsai Gardens. I started growing Bonsai with your great help, Thank you for sharing with us.

Healthy Bonsai

July 31. 2008 20:25


Thanks, Healthy! I'm glad I could help. Let me know if you ever have any questions or how I can help further.


April 9. 2009 22:11


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