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Bonsai Study Group

A bonsai study group provides a means for those interested to continue working and learning new things about a variety of species and techniques. This is a great opportunity to practice bonsai techniques.  It's also a great opportunity to form a better/stronger bonsai community in the Greater Louisville area.


What to bring

Sessions will focus on proper work for the season and for thedevelopment stage of each individual tree.  If you plan on repotting besure to bring soil, a variety of suitable pots to choose from, aluminumwire, and plenty of trees to work with.  If wiring is to be done bringplenty of wire, aluminum for deciduous trees and copper for conifers.

  • Trees
  • Tools
  • Wire
  • Soil


All study group sessions will meet at my home in Shepherdsville, KY. Please call or contact for directions. We will meet promptly at 10am and conclude at 5pm, with a break for lunch.

For those interested in attending please sign up in advance.  Space is limited, so please call ahead.  If you are unable to attend please release your spot so that others may attend.  Please be on time so that we may begin work at the posted time.  If you wish to arrive early there will be plenty of bonsai reading material and hot green tea to keep you company until time to begin.


Study Group Dates for 2012

March 3 10am - 5pm Repotting
April 7 10am - 5pm Spring work
June 23 10am - 5pm JBP Decandle & Satsuki Azaleas
August 4 10am - 5pm Carving & Wiring
October 6 10am - 5pm Fall Work & Wiring
November 3 10am - 5pm Soji (Fall clean up)


Study Group Dates for 2011

February 20 10am - 5pm Peter Tea workshop
March 5 10am - 5pm Repotting
April 2 10am - 5pm Spring work
June 11 10am - 5pm JBP Decandle
July 9 10am - 5pm Wiring& Carving
August 6 10am - 5pm Carving & Wiring
September 10 10am - 5pm Wiring & Styling Cancelled
October 8 10am - 5pm Fall Work & Wiring
November 5 10am - 5pm Soji (clean up)


Study Group Dates for 2010

February 27 10am - 5pm Grafting for Bonsai
March 6 10am - 5pm Repotting
April 18 10am - 5pm Show prep
June 19 10am - 5pm JBP Decandle
July 10 10am - 5pm Wiring
August 14 10am - 5pm Carving & Wiring
September 11 10am - 5pm Wiring & Styling
October 30 10am - 5pm Fall Work & Wiring
November 6 10am - 5pm Soji (clean up)


Study Group Dates for 2009

February 21 - Saturday 10am - 2pm
March 15th - Sunday 10am - 5pm
April 4th - Saturday 10am - 5pm
April 5th - Sunday 10am - 5pm
May 9th - Saturday 10am - 5pm
June 13th - Saturday 10am - 5pm
June 14th - Sunday 10am - 5pm
June 27th - Saturday 10am - 5pm
June 28th - Sunday 10am - 5pm
July 11th - Saturday 10am - 5pm
September 12th - Saturday 10am - 5pm
October 24th - Saturday 10am -5pm
November 7th - Saturday 10am - 5pm