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Bonsai Photography as a Tool to Improve

Posted Jun 3, 2008 by matsubonsai

Bonsai Photo SetupSometimes, after having spent many months or even years developing a tree into a quality bonsai certain things can be overlooked. Maybe you've been working too closely to the tree that you are not able to see flaws from your vantage point. It may be that while trying to envision the tree's future that your view of the tree is skewed.

While working to improve your bonsai there are a number of tricks you can employ.

Seeing a 2 dimensional representation of your tree in a digital photograph can show you flaws of which you might not have been aware. An out of place branch will be seen more readily in a photo, which may have been ignored or lost in person.

With a solid background you can view the profile of the tree and see what may need to be adjusted or removed.

Keep a record of your progress. It may be hard to view the evolution of a tree when you are exposed to it on a daily basis. By keeping a log on your computer you can easily use previous photos as a reference to the trees development.

Share your pictures with others to get more feedback. Perhaps you missed something that someone else could point out. Or, maybe someone can help you find a solution to a flaw you've already spotted. Sometimes a radical new design will be proposed that never even occurred to you. In the end you risk nothing because ultimately the decision is yours.

My basic setup includes:

  • Kodak EasyShare Z885
  • 2 can lights
  • 4 - 48" flourescent lights

This setup also doubles as my winter storage for a few tropical trees that spend the winter indoors.

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